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In 1987, Rosa Lopez launched her cleaning business after immigrating to the US from Colombia. While cleaning homes, her husband Carlos, with a creative eye for nature, decided to get involved in outdoor design for his wife's clients. Together, while mastering the craft of Masonry, Landscaping, and anything else involving the outdoor transformation of a client's property, they launched what is now "C&R Cleaning and Maintenance INC." While providing multiple unique services to families in or around Fairfield County, they have grown the company to new heights. Now residing in Norwalk, CT, Carlos and Rosa are proud parents who give back to the neighbors, schools, and other members of our community. 


"We pride ourselves on building a strong relationship with clients, vendors and anyone we work with. Our goal is to not only "do" but also educate our clients on the "how." 1 in 3 people in our community don't fully know how to properly care for their outdoors and that is where we come in. We want to build trust and be our community's "go to" company where you can come home to freshly designed outdoors."

- Carlos Lopez (Founder and Co-Owner) 


You. You are what keeps us going. You are the reason we drive by properties we have transformed and cherish the beauty of what we have designed for you. What good is a nice house without a beautiful outdoors?  When you observe property, you see it from the outside first, therefore, the answer is simple - YOU!

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